Why Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Parents wanting the best for their babies and children know how important it is to give them varied, fresh, nutritious food. A refillable baby pouch like SquishDelish makes it easy!

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Why SquishDelish?

SquishDelish, apart from being reusable baby food pouches; they're also rugged and made of premium quality PVC-free, BPA-free and phthalate free strengthened nylon with the toughest zipper in town. This sucker will not leak! Plus a side spout is without doubt the best, most functional, hygienic and least messy design to use.

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How to Use and Recipe Ideas for Babies

For initial use give pouches a quick rinse and stand on bench top. With the lid on the spout, squeeze the top open and pour, spoon or funnel food into pouch. Do not fill past half full otherwise it will be hard to close them. After use soak in warm soapy water or put on top shelf of dishwasher. Can be put in freezer but not microwave. Check out our Facebook page for dozens of delicious and easy recipes for your SquishDelish- for babies, children and adults too!

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